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Western Wildflower Gardens

I’m Sue, The Wildflower Whisperer.

Using Western Australian wildflowers, we create stunning native gardens that are low maintenance, low on water use and boast brilliant flowers all year round.

All our gardens attract multitudes of birds, insects and bees and best of all, they look incredible and are a joy to be in.

Whether it’s a front yard, backyard, front verge or small courtyard, we can create an easy care garden that brings colour, joy and love to your life.

Sue Dempster


Your new garden will be a sheer joy to be in. If you’re a busy professional and need a place to unwind and connect to nature again, then we can create the space you’re looking for.


We’ll create a garden for you that blooms all year round with stunning colour! It’s the bright colour of the flowers that brings the insects, bees and birds. And working with the local Noongar six seasons we ensure that even in the height of summer, your garden is bursting with colour and life.


You’ll love not having to spend your precious weekends pruning, mowing, and more pruning. We’ll create a garden that is suited to you and your lifestyle. You can get rid of the lawnmower, and spend your weekends enjoying your garden, instead of stressing over it.

About Sue

With 25 years of landscaping and gardening experience, and with 3 generations of WA Native wildflower knowledge behind me, I can create a garden that you’ll love for years to come.

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