About Western Wildflower
Gardens and Sue

About Western Wildflower Gardens and Sue

Western Wildflower Gardens is a unique business. It connects 3 generations of Wildflower Women’s knowledge, with 25 years of retail, wholesale and high profile nursery and gardening experience.

Sue has been in landscape leadership at the Burswood Casino and worked on three development villages within Ellenbrook (WA). She’s also designed and constructed over 1000 gardens, commissioned over 2 million Western Australian wildflowers to be contract grown, and taught over 250 workshops across Perth and regional WA.

In 2018 Sue was contracted to create and coordinate the largest indoor display of 12 different everlastings and daisies with 66 community members at Perth Royal Show.

Sue knows more about wildflowers than anyone else, that’s why she’s called the Wildflower Whisperer. And knowing about Wildflowers is the most ​important ​ aspect of any native garden.

What do I do now?

To transform, makeover or feel more connected to nature, the first step is to give Sue a call! Sue will share her passion on how to create stunning colour all year round and demystify the process of native gardening.

All gardens (or pots) start with a Home Garden Consult, so book yours TODAY!

Big or small yards, balconies, patios, front or back gardens, it’s all workable for wildflowers. 

For more information visit Native Garden Consults.

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