2020 Everlasting Daisy Pockets

Spread the Joy, Colour, and LOVE

The season of wildflowers is coming and it is time to get your garden ready and seeds purchased.

These Everlasting Daisy Pockets have 5 very special varieties;

    • Brachyscome iberidifolia (a mix of Blue, Mauve and White), 
    • Schoenia filifolia (yellow), 
    • Rhodanthe stricta (White), 
    • Rhodanthe  manglesii (Pink and Silver) and the traditional,
    • Rhodanthe chlorocephala var rosea (Pink and White), 

This combination of a diverse range of everlasting daisies will give colour in pots and your garden.

You will have colour from early June through to Late October and with the Brachyscome even through the hottest months over the summers.

Value: $40 each pocket,
which includes the 5 special varieties

You will need ‘Smoke Water’ ($10) to germinate your plants. If you buy this with your daisy pockets, you will get $5 OFF your purchase.

Every pocket purchased connects you to The Wildflower Corridor where you will learn how to grow your Everlasting Daisies successfully.

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