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Landscape Service

Our Western Wildflower Gardens team is available to landscape a native garden, full of beautiful colourful wildflowers, for you to enjoy for years to come. Our specialty is wildflowers and matching the landscaping to get the best from the wildflowers in your native garden. Just as much are we want you to enjoy the wildflowers, we want the wildflowers to enjoy your garden.

From dry creek beds to frog gardens, or native bee and native bird attracting gardens, to peaceful personal retreats, our qualified, experienced design and implementation team will work with you to create a stunning wildflower garden.

We transform lawns, dead garden beds and unwanted plants to create gardens more suited to the lifestyle you live, and the climate and conditions we live in.

We’ll do the work for you, and you’ll be surprised how much time you get to enjoy your garden and watch it grow naturally.

All gardens start with a Home Garden Consult, so book yours TODAY!

Garden Seasonal Service

Working with the 6 local Noongar seasons in the garden, gives you a true sense of the place we live in. We’ll show how you can use the 6 seasons to nurture and look after your new WA native garden, like when to prune or cut, when to weed, what leaf colour to look out for, and what insects are ‘loving’ the plant.

We’ll create a Seasonal Garden Calendar program that you can follow which is specifically designed for your garden. This program allows you to problem solve any seasonal issues before they arise.

Your personal program includes seasonal visits, that steer your garden towards natural and seasonal pruning, and away from the traditional expensive gardening programs, which are unnecessary for wildflowers in native gardens.

Let us support your new (or old) WA native garden, which will make you feel rejuvenated.

All gardens start with a Home Garden Consult, so book yours TODAY!

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