Making Shaded Gardens Colourful with Western Wildflower Gardens

To create a beautiful garden in a shady area, it only takes a touch of magic from an eager green-thumb.

This magic is in the form of furry, hairy foliage and upside-down flowers. Wildflowers with these distinct characteristics are ideal for growing under trees or beside the shadow of buildings, houses, retaining walls and fences. 

These quirky, upside-down wildflowers can also tolerate garden bed areas that receive sun for only a small portion of the day, like the short golden hours over dusk and dawn. 

Either way, with a little bit of that WA wildflower magic, those neglected shady spots become filled with bursts of colour and bright green foliage that last all year round.

Hibbertia grossulariifolia

When choosing your WA wildflowers, the main aspect to observe is if the shaded area is a dry shade or a moist shade. Understanding what type of soil lies in this shady spot will help provide more direction for your wildflower selection over the six aboriginal seasons.

Another key observation activity is to record when your garden is in the sun and in the shade. It’s important to note the time of day and duration that the area spends in the sun or shade to ensure long-lasting colours. Do this each month for the next six seasons to get a better understanding of which spot has prime ‘sun time’ throughout the year so you can choose the species most suited to these conditions.

Below, Western Wildflower Gardens has compiled the five best wildflower families to look out for when you are seeking a plant that needs to tolerate shade. There is plenty to explore so don’t be shy getting to know all the different shapes and levels to design your garden with.

Western Wildflower Gardens’ Top 5 Shady Warriors

Thomasia sp.

Lasiopetalum sp.

Guichenotia sp.

Hibbertia (grossularfoila in particular)

Chorilaena quercifolia 

Start with any of these wildflowers and you will have a shady garden full of colour in no time!

And for all your plant needs, don’t forget to check out Australian Native Nursery on 144 King Road in Oakford or get into contact with Western Wildflower Gardens for all your native wildflower needs.

Enjoy colour and love,

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